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ENLS® Train-the-Trainer Japanese

Welcome to the ENLS® Train-the-Trainer Course in Japanese. This course provides an overview of NCS policies and procedures pertaining to planning and teaching a live ENLS® Course and includes the following topics:

  • Requirements for becoming a certified ENLS® Trainer
  • Background of ENLS® and an overview of certification statistics
  • ENLS® course options and outline
  • Accreditation and certification requirements
  • Why ENLS® is important for all providers in the emergency setting
  • Options for participating in the course
  • Steps for hosting a live ENLS® course
  • How to market your live ENLS® course
  • ENLS® pricing and course materials
  • Process for hosting courses in a global setting, and the NCS Ambassador Program
  • Trainer responsibilities and resources
If you have any questions about this course or any other ENLS®-related item, please email the ENLS® Coordinator.

Thank you for your willingness to teach!!

The ENLS® Train-the-Trainer certification is valid for 4 years. If you have certified previously, please select the Train-the-Trainer Recertification course.

Please click here to view the NCS Legal Disclaimer for Emergency Neurological Life Support® (ENLS®).