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World Coma Day Programming

About Curing Coma®

The goal of Curing Coma® is to develop and implement coma treatment strategies that improve human lives.
Coma is a uniquely modern clinical challenge – a direct consequence of our incredible ability to maintain life support and fight death. Coma is a condition that has always fascinated and will increasingly challenge humanity.
In 2019 the Neurocritical Care Society launched Curing Coma® as its signature clinical, scientific, and public health effort. Curing Coma® is the first global public health initiative to tackle the unifying concept of coma as a treatable medical entity.
Serious and driven, the message of Curing Coma® is that there is hope for victims with prolonged disorders of consciousness after brain injury. Whether you are a healthcare professional or scientist, a patient or patient advocate, or a representative of any organization devoted to improving health or understanding, we thank you for your interest, involvement, advocacy, and support.

World Coma Day is an all-day global online event featuring stories of remarkable recovery, science talks by medical experts, educational sessions for patients and families, and "shout out" videos from providers, patients, and families around the world.

The objectives of World Coma Day are to:
  • Raise awareness of coma as a treatable and recoverable clinical entity
  • Encourage medical providers and patients/patient advocates to get involved in the Curing Coma®
  • Motivate caregivers to participate in specific current and future scientific efforts devoted to curing disorders of consciousness

World Coma Day Sponsors & Supporters

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Industry partners are encouraged to join us. Align your brand with the Curing Coma® Campaign. Learn more about opportunities to support.