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Episode 2 - Lymphopenia, Infectious Complications, and Outcome in Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage

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Dr. Ramani Balu is joined by Dr. Andrea Morotti for the inaugural episode of the Neurocritical Care Society Podcast Series to discuss Dr. Morotti's recently published paper, "Lymphopenia, Infectious Complications, and Outcome in Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage."

The NCS Podcast Series is the official podcast of the Neurocritical Care Society. Our senior producer is Jim Siegler. Our production staff includes Joshua Levine, Becca Stickney, Sara Memmen, Michael Brogan, Starane Shepherd, Benjamin Miller, and Ramani Balu. Music by Lee Rosevere.


  • Andrea Morotti, MD

    Dr. Andrea Morotti received his MD degree at the University of Brescia, Italy in 2010 with a neurophysiology thesis on motor unit activation in post-stroke hemiparesis. He started the Neurology residency program at the same University in 2011. During his training, he was involved in the recruitment, selection, and phenotypic characterization of patients to be included in the Multicenter Study on Cerebral Hemorrhage in Italy (MUCH-Italy), a national multi-centric registry of patients with acute intracerebral hemorrhage. In 2015, he was awarded a 2-years research fellowship to join the Rosand Lab and JPK Stroke Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston with a focus on intracerebral hemorrhage. He completed the residency program in Neurology in 2016 with a thesis on the association between inflammation, leukocyte activation, and intracerebral hemorrhage expansion. He is currently working as a Stroke Attending at Stroke Unit and Department of Emergency Neurology, C. Mondino National Neurological Institute, Pavia, Italy.